Ongoing Projects

Collecting of Flare Gases from the Oil Masjed Soleyman

Main Specification:

  • Contractor: NARDIS COMPANY
  • Scope: EPC of tow packages that Nardis won their auction
    •          Package1: including operating units of Masjed Soleyman, Parsiah, Nafte sefid and Tambi.
    •          Package2: including operating units of Zilaei, Haft Shahidan and Nagesi.
  • Client: National Iranian Oil Company
  • Location: Masjed soleyman oil and gas exploitation area, Iran


Project Summary:

The importance of gases with oil in economic and environmental terms requires different countries that produce and burn high levels of flare gases to use different methods, including the establishment of laws and the use of new and different technology. The purpose of implementing this project is to collect flare gases and convert them in to products with added value and reduce environmental pollutants.