Finished Projects

Ilam Petrochemical Complex Power & Steam Generation Plant

Main Specification:

  • Contractor: Nardis Co.
  • Scope: EPCC
  • Main Client: ILPC
  • Client: Farab - Samandish
  • Location: Chavar, Ilam Province, Iran


Project Summary:

ILAM petrochemical complex is located in Ilam, about 1000 km south West of Tehran, Iran. It consists of Olefin, HDPE and Utility plants. The total electrical power demand of this complex is around 4x30.22 MW (ISO condition) or about 4x21 MW (at worst case 42 oC , 60% RH) which is generated by minimum 4 (+1 future) gas turbine generators (GTGs). The MP steam (MPS) demand is 80 tons/hr would be produced by 2 heat recovery steam generation and HP Steam (HPS) demand is 40 tons/hr would be produced by fired boiler (FB) unit.