Company Profile

  Nardis was formed in 1992 in Farab Company before its establishment as a separate company.Initially, power generation was Farab’s core business. After one decade of experience in power generation, a certain department was assigned for executing oil and gas projects in 2002. Farab decided to involve in large scale oil and gas projects with collaboration of IOEC (Iranian Offshore Engineering and Construction Company) in 2007. After signing a bilateral collaboration agreement, Nardis was officially established in 2007 with 51% of the shares belonging to Farab and 49% to IOEC.
Farab shifted its relevant team to the newly established company for execution of existing projects as well as new projects. Also in 6th of January, 2013, Nardis has received "A" grade in Oil, Gas and Petrochemical in EPC project from President Deputy Strategic Planning and Control.


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Vision Statement

  We strive to be a reliable and committed General Contractor in executing energy projects in Oil, Gas and Petrochemical fields and other infrastructural industries in Iran and region by means of continuous improvement, preparing distinctive and competitive services for customers, adherence to commitments and providing professional work and operational teams and also constantly implementing continuous improvement to meet stakeholders’ needs and expectations.


Mission Statement

  Implementation and investment offshore and onshore domestic and international EPCF projects in oil, gas and petrochemical field for governments and organizations align with customers and stakeholders requirements to create value for them.


Nardis Values

Customer –Orientation: being responsible for defining and understanding customer needs and expectations in order to achieve customer satisfaction.
Meritocracy: giving higher priority, power and position to people with most ability or competency in selection, employment & recruiting, retaining employees and contractors.
Discipline: being disciplined in all affairs, and being adhered to company procedures.
Ethic Compliance:
 being responsible to work ethics and moral principles such as honesty, clarity in speech and organizational behavior, mutual respect and secrecy.
Human Dignity: emphasis on: human dignity, employees’ satisfaction and engagement, employees’ participation, creating sincerity among employees, regarding to principles of safety, hygiene and health of employees.
Organizational Sense of Belonging:
 creating sensitivity against company position and function, speed, accuracy and quality in doing affairs


Field of Activities

  • • Oil and Gas Field Development
  • • Offshore Complexes & Facilities   
  • • Oil & Gas Refineries
  • • Utility & Offsite Systems
  • • Petrochemical Complexes & Affiliated Industries
  • • Pipelines, Pumping & Compressor Stations 
  • • Tank Farms



  NARDIS is well prepared as a General contractor to participate in the specialized oil, gas and petrochemical industries.
We provide following services:

  •        • Project Management
  •        • Engineering
  •        • Procurement
  •        • Construction and installation works
  •        • Commissioning Services