Ongoing Projects

Shahid Rahbar Bastak Gas Compressor Station Project

Main Specification:

         •  Contractor: NARDIS

         • Scope: EPC

         • Client: Iran Gas Engineering and Development Company

         • Location: Hormozgan, Bastak

Project Summary:

Shahid Rahbar compressor facilities of Bastak with the aim of increase capacity of 7 Trunkline with capacity of 105.5 MMSCMD will be constructed at 50km east of Bastak, Hormozgan province.

In addition to construction buildings and industrial structures, Roads & Paving and other civil works, station will equipped by Siemens 25MW turbo compressors, air coolers, filtration and possible liquids and solid particles with Gas separation system and also subsidiary systems such as potable water, gas conditioning, instrument and plant air, emergency power, close drain, dirty water collection pond, discharge system and wastewater treatment system.