Ongoing Projects

Sabz-Ab Rey Crude Oil Pipeline

Main Specification:

  • Contractor: Ghadir JV (Nasr Misagh ahvaz, Scetiran, Nardis)
  • Scope: EPC
  • Client: National Iranian Oil Engineering & Construction Co. (N.I.O.E.C)
  • Location: This Pipeline is started from Sabzab Pump Station in Khoozestan Province and it will be ended in Tehran-Rey


Project Summary:

Engineering of Bushehr Petrochemical Project, Utility & Offsite units, Phases 2 &3 and engineering procurement support
Consist of:

  • Sabzab / Ray Pipeline project with an approximate length of 620 kilometers to transport crude oil, crude oil field north of Dezful area of 450,000 barrels per day will be built. 
  • Execution of 120 km of 30-inch diameter pipeline with a capacity of 450,000 barrels per day from Sabzab Pumped Station to the Tange Fanni pump station.
  • Execution of 239 kilometers of 26-inch diameter pipeline with a capacity of 295,000 barrels per day from Tange Fanni Pump Station to Shazand Pump station.
  • Execution of 279 km of 18-inch diameter pipeline with a capacity of 105,000 barrels per day from Shazand Pump Station to Ray to Terminal.
  • Generations are included of executions of six pumping stations Sabzab, Tange Fanni, Asar, Pole baba ,Razan & shazand as well as execution of Pressure reducing stations Namak and terminal facilities of Rey.
  •  In addition to above execution of 63 KV Over Head power Transmissions lines and electrical substations of respective stations in Sabzab, Tange Fanni and Asar