Ongoing Projects

Foroozan Offshore Complex Renovation & Reconstruction

Main Specification:

  • Contractor: Nardis Co.
  • Scope: EPCC
  • Client: Iranian Offshore Oil Co. (I.O.O.C)
  • Location: 100 Kilometers from Kharg Island, Persian Gulf, Iran


Project Summary: 

Execution of the Foroozan Offshore Complex Renovation and Reconstruction included of below items:
Documents Review and Endorsement, Basic Engineering , Detailed Engineering, Site Survey, Supply of Main, Bulk and Spare materials, integrated for Foroozan Offshore Complex Renovation & Reconstruction function test, Erection and Installation Works, Test, Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning, Training, Under Water Strengthening, Modification and Repair (SMR) and Test Run (Performance Test).
Foroozan Offshore Complex is Located on 100 Kilometres far from kHARG Island South West Oil Export Terminal and comprises a number of existing offshore facilities, namely: 

  • Foroozan FY,FZ,F16 platforms, Flare  & bridges  
  • Foroozan FX,F15 platforms , Flare & bridges.