Sister Companies


TUBA: Hydro Turbine Manufacturing, Engineering and Management Company was established in 2001 by Farab Co. with the following objectives: 

• Localization of technology and knowledge of design and engineering of plant equipment.
• Supply Management of project equipment.
• Improvement of manufacturing technology of local manufacturers to meet the projects requirements.
• Utilization of local manufacturers software and hardware resources to execute the projects.


Trading and Investment Company of Farab Group was established and registered in 2005 as “Investment Company of Farab Employees” so as to retain and create added value for Farab Group employees by managing and investing their capital. Main mission of this company has always been removing any concern that valuable human resource of Farab Group may have regarding gaining benefit and existing added values of local and international business environments in favor of their capital and assets so that while creating a dynamic organization, mid-term and long-term benefits of shareholder be provided.

Web: www.farab-invst.com 




 Notash Afra: Farab Construction Company was established in 2008 as Notash Afra Company, with the support of Farab Company. The Farab Construction Company specialized in execution of power plants projects and Oil, Gas & Petrochemical industrial projects. Enjoying the services of experienced personnel, and application of an exceptional mix of updated technologies and native know-hows, have turned Farab Construction Company into a trustworthy service provider, both inside the country and abroad, and have paved the way for continuous achievements.



Farab Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Company was established in 2013 to organize the power plants operation and maintenance organization for the power plants constructed and delivered by Farab company. Farab (O&M) Company regularly trains O&M staff, update their knowledge, perform the routine inspections & preventive, do planned and unplanned maintenance and repairs the equipment and systems of taken over plants